Abdulrahman Fakieh International School… A continuing success story…


Abdulrahman Fakieh International School continues to strive to provide and promote a school community environment that focuses on pride and excellence. The collected efforts by all members of our school’s learning community in accomplishing this goal are highly valued and appreciated.


Opened on 1st September, 2013, in its third year now, the school is dedicated to providing a challenging learning environment, which is child-centered and well-balanced, aimed at developing the whole child. The school is a center of creativity and joyful learning, where students come together to learn to dream and to grow. It is within this environment that parents are encouraged to join hands with the caring, experienced professionals in forming a strong partnership that makes each child’s learning – academic and social – the focus of everything that we do.


School’s child-friendly program, with its comparatively small class sizes and personalized attention, provides each child with the tools required to reach their academic potential, and become a happy and considerate member of our learning community.


The dedicated staff members of Abdulrahman Fakieh International School - from the teachers to the administrators – all share a common bond - we care deeply about each of the children that we have the privilege of working with, and it is this bond that drives us to do everything that we can to ensure that each child acquires a love of learning, which will contribute to his later successes.


We believe that life-long learning begins with questions and wonders. We also believe that, authentic learning situations allow children to construct their learning while feeling secure to take chances and discover. The tools provided by the school for learning includes: flexible learning spaces, state of the art technology, access to information, and thinking skills.


When children are challenged on a daily basis, they learn how to solve problems, how to communicate their thinking, how to collaborate with others and last but not least, develop as a ‘whole’ child. Our School provides the challenging and nurturing environment that children thrive in and set sound educational foundations on which to build their futures.


Students are at the center of everything that we do at Abdulrahman Fakieh Int. School with parents being important and valued partners, whose involvement, in their child’s education is critical to success of their child.  It is our belief that when parents know what is expected at school, they are better able to provide the learning support at home that all students need.


The school’s curriculum specifies what all students are expected to know and be able to do in all subject areas.  It is designed to enable teachers to make connections across subjects, and to develop programming which accommodates a range of diverse student needs by applying wide-ranging strategies and methodologies.


Technology and Information Literacy:


At Abdulrahman Fakieh Int.School, technology and information literacy are integrated into units of study and into everyday classroom lessons. Teachers and students have access to a library media lab with wireless internet connection. Students and teachers utilize a wide array of software and digital peripherals, which complement our hardware resources. Skills are taught independently and are integrated into learning throughout each unit of study.


This integrated model sees technology as a tool to enhance teaching and learning, and not as a discrete subject to be taught once in a while. Each Internationl School classroom is equipped with a  digital projector, a SMART Board and wireless Internet.


General English Program – extra addition to curriculum:


The core focus of the program is the development of oral comprehension and fluency. In every class students speak, read and write in English since each one is an essential component of language acquisition. All teacher- student interaction is in English and class activities create situations in which students speak to each other in English. This approach maximizes the opportunity for language development. Students learn vocabulary related to specific topics and themes. At the same time, increasingly sophisticated language structures are introduced. The combination allows students to express more and more complex ideas in a well-paced program that emphasizes understanding over memorization. As an example, early in the year students learn core vocabulary to describe themselves. Soon after, they learn to apply the same vocabulary to speak with and about other people. In this way, we believe students will come to love language learning and lay the groundwork for true fluency.

There is no doubt that success is in the hands of Allah (SWT). Through hard work, dedication and integrity as well as adhering to the vision of Sheikh Abdulrahman Fakieh, we hope and believe that through Allah’s Mercy we will attain success continually for many years to come.


Our Mission: Empowering students to think innovatively, value diversity, pursue a passion for learning and contribute positively to society.

Our Purpose: to provide an English language based internationally recognized school for students in an environment that promotes academic excellence, celebrates diversity and develops socially responsible and active global citizens.

                                                                                                               Hany Fouad.

Supervisor of International Section


بوابة عين التعليمية

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